Objection to Sunday Deliveries – Bell Lane Sainsbury’s

At the Society’s AGM on Tuesday, Heather Mansefield raised the problem of proposed Sunday deliveries to the Sainsbury’s in Bell Lane.  It was agreed to circulate details of this to members and to ask them to write opposing this variation in planning permission:

E-mail objections should be sent to: Cain.Duncan@TowerHamlets.gov.uk and dr.developmentcontrol@towernamlets.gov.uk

Peter Boisseau has written:

“As agreed with Heather at the Spitalfields Society AGM last Tuesday, (apologies for not being able to attend), here are the details of the
Sainsbury’s situation.

Below are our reasons for objecting to Sainsbury’s delivering on a Sunday in Bell Lane. We would appreciate this going out to the membership, stressing the urgency for objections to being in by ***this coming Monday***, latest.

See the attached Tower Hamlets notice.

Sainsbury’s Sunday deliveries Notice

The usual caveats should be applied, ie. please use the sample letter as guidance only. Do not just copy and paste it, but formulate the objection
based on the following criteria:

* Noise levels. Roll cages.
* Road congestion
* Sunday market congestion
* Upholding of Planning Conditions.
* Quality of life
* Frequency of inner-city deliveries to metro supermarkets being environmentally unsustainable. (more in-store storage required).

(Please feel free to add criteria)

If Sainsbury’s are allowed Sunday deliveries the knock-on affect could be interesting as Variances don’t come up that often. Sainsbury’s may be
setting a precedent that could have future implications for, say, the Fruit & Wool Exchange, or other retail units on Bell Lane. If we are to fight and win important Conditions for the Fruit & Wool it will be a shame to see them overturned a few years down the line due to earlier precedents set in surrounding areas.

I spoke with Cain Duncan, TH Planning Enforcement, yesterday, who has spoken with the case officer, Beth Eite. They are both minded to refuse the application, but stress the value of community support to validate their position.

Again, unfortunately, objections need to be in by this coming Monday, so if we can get something out to the membership today or tomorrow….


Peter Boisseau & Heather Mansfield

Objection as follows:

Sample letter:

I wish to object to Application Number PA/11/02113 & PA/06/00432  by Sainsbury’s for the Variation of Condition 17 (Delivery Times) to allow Servicing of Nido Unit 5, Bell Lane.

The Condition was originally set because Petticoat Lane market blocked the Southern end of Bell Lane on a Sunday and, during the morning, is severely restricted at the Northern end by stall-holders unloading on Brushfield Street in preparation for Spitalfields Market. The popularity of both Markets means the area is congested with tourists, both on foot and in private cars, making entry and exit into the area very problematic.

These Conditions have intensified since originally set down, and far from seeing a relaxation of this Condition, measures will soon be needed to
further limit the use of any vehicles entering the Spitalfields market areas at the weekend. To let Sainsbury’s make three deliveries on a Sunday flies in the face of the necessary trend towards a greater exclusion.

Looking at Sainsbury’s site on Bell Lane, from the junction with Cobb Street to Crispin Street there are, conservatively, 168 residencies and families, compared to only 3 retail units and one brokerage firm. It cannot be emphasised enough that Bell Lane is a residential street. Many residents feel that the inclusion of a new supermarket is completely ill-judged and inappropriate, and to extend deliveries to Sunday further erodes the quality of life that we have a right to expect.

Sainsbury’s took on the lease in full knowledge of the Condition. They can operate satisfactorily without the need for Sunday deliveries. The growing trend for ‘metro’ supermarkets is for limited storage and frequent deliveries. This is a convenience for supermarkets, but damaging to the city population, and  – in the long run –  environmentally unsustainable, substantially increasing inner city traffic congestion and carbon emissions, clogging the cities arteries and adding to the growing misery of all city-dwellers.

Looking at Sainsbury’s architect’s plans for Unit 5, and specifically the ratio of floor space to storage, we see a ratio of 3 to 1, making it clear
that there is ample storage to trade from Saturday to Monday without Sunday re-stocking.

In addition to the area being invaded by three lorries per day, seven days a week year in year out, the loading and unloading of metal roll-cages is universally acknowledged as having a high noise factor. Upholding the Condition will give residents one day off from this disturbance.

Sainsbury’s can operate perfectly well without Sunday deliveries. If the company perceive this as an insurmountable problem they would do well to question why they are leasing a retail unit in a residential street and perhaps reconsider the location. Failing that, they have the option not to trade on a Sunday.

We strongly object to the Variation of Condition 17.

Yours Sincerely etc

Full name and address needed”

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